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Kelly Grimshaw

En ung kvinna håller i en kamera framför ett röllakan. Röllakanet är mönstrat i rött, svart, beige, blått och vitt. Kvinnan skrattar och tittar in i kameran. Hon har håret uppsatt i en lös knut. Bakom henne och röllakanet är det en svart bakgrund.

Graduate Diploma in Conservation Studies, University of Lincoln, England

Having recently completed the Graduate Diploma in Conservation Studies from the University of Lincoln I was keen to find a hands-on internship before my Masters in Conservation of Cultural Heritage at Lincoln began in Autumn 2018. Looking to gain experience outside the UK, SVK was an ideal facility that would help me as a young conservator to gain experience and knowledge.

SVK provided the ideal environment for me to improve and nurture my skills in conservation, and develop specific textile conservation skills to help me specialise later in my career. I joined SVK’s Textile Conservation department for 2 months, working alongside experienced conservators in an extremely hands-on environment. Initially I was taught basic needle skills and techniques used in sewing conservation and continued onto various other conservation methods including the dying of silk, washing, wet and dry vacuuming cleaning, installation of different mounting systems, and photography and documentation. Fortunately enough, I was able to work on an array of objects, ranging from wall hangings and a traditional Swedish Rölakan tapestry, to church textiles and a large curtain from the Röhsska Museet. My final week was spent working with conservator Morgan Denlert in the furniture/wood conservation studio, learning how to rattan weave, identify varnish/polish and wood species, and replacing lost veneer, to name a few things.

Throughout my internship I gained confidence in my skills, both from my time at university and those gained whilst working at SVK and was able to make decision on treatment and plan my days to utilise the time I had. SVK is a fantastic organisation, with great facilities and the most welcoming of people. I have gained some great connections within the conservation world and am thankful for the experience and memories I am to take with me.

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