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Luise Tschirner

En ung kvinna med en platskanna i handen lutar sig över stt stort, vattenfyllt kar där det ligger en stor trästock. Kvinnan har gummistövlar och ett rejält förkläde. Hon ler mot kameran.

Konservierung/ Restaurierung/ Grabungstechnik, Archäologisch-Historisches Kulturgut, Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft, Berlin

During the fifth semester of my bachelor studies, I got the chance to attend an obligatory internship. As I split the duration of three months and spent the first third in Berlin, setting up an exhibition, I only got eight weeks left for my placement at SVK in Göteborg. Nevertheless, this time was filled with great experiences, some new and by that, challenging tasks as well as surprising trips to excavation sites in the area. So, I enjoyed my internship from the first moment to the fullest and was able to gain insight different treatment methods about mainly waterlogged organic materials. I got the possibility to work and finish several different projects, primarily from the Viking settlement of Birka, the medieval-Viking settlement Kungahälla and the medieval town Nya Lödöse. The conservation treatment of waterlogged organic (textile fragments, leather, rope, amber, bones/ antler, wood) and inorganic materials (iron, copper alloys) allowed me to enlarge my already existing knowledge and extend it due to new ways of treatment, examinations etc. while I received great support and instructions from my supervisor Ebba Philipps and her colleagues, whenever it was needed. By that I could strengthen my work experiences a lot.

 Furthermore, I felt very welcome and being respected from the first moment until the end; the outstanding atmosphere at SVK with the kindest colleagues let me hope for the future, to find an employment in a comparatively well-equipped department with a bunch of experts, all of great nature with a great capacity for teamwork. Thanks a lot!

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