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Christelle Wakefield

En blond kvinna med glasögon och vitt förkläde står intill ett bord. Hon har en träslev i handen och rör med den i en vit massa som ligger på ett slags sil. Bredvid henne står ett träkärl med en stor pensel i. Verktygen ser gammaldags ut. Bakom henne syns hyllor med diverse redskap, glasbägare och liknande.

Graduate Diploma, Conservation, University of Lincoln, England

Having previously studied languages at degree level, and working in publishing as a book editor for almost 9 years, I transitioned into conservation as I had a particular interest in heritage and arts and crafts. I decided to study an online short course in Visual Arts as well as the Chemistry for Conservators course in order to revisit my art history and chemistry before returning to the UK from Madrid to study a Graduate Diploma in Conservation at the University of Lincoln, gaining a Distinction. I have now been accepted to undertake a Master in Conservation of Works of Art on Paper at Northumbria University.

I have a particular interest in paper and book conservation, and during my 9-week internship in the Paper and Books department at SVK, I have learnt numerous skills and techniques from senior conservator, Martin Ericson. I have been able to further develop independent research skills working on the pre-treatment examination and analysis of a Japanese-style silk and paper screen, as well as gain a greater awareness of conservation approaches, the importance of project planning and balancing aesthetics versus ethics. Additionally, I have also practised specific paper conservation tasks on prints including the identification of prints, dry, wet and solvent cleaning, gels for paper cleaning, paper bleaching, vacuum suction cleaning, leaf casting for books, removal of acidic backboards, tear repairs, paper lining, infilling, flattening, humidification techniques, dyeing, mounting and boxmaking.

SVK is a wonderful place with fantastic conservation facilities. The staff are very nurturing and supportive of interns, with plenty of opportunity to develop practical skills. I have had a brilliant time at SVK and have learnt a lot. I leave with very fond memories.

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