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Development and Innovation


Development and Innovation
We aim to be a model of sustainable rural development, sustainable food supply and sustainable interaction between urban and rural environments. By running several development projects we work as a support and dialogue partner for the growth and development of green industries.

Many of our projects are about testing and introducing new technologies and working methods, such as our experimental production of biogas straight from a farm. We also run projects that develop education and training in farming, forestry and agriculture and contribute to a more sustainable future by growing new sources of protein.

We work in close collaboration with research institutes, educational institutes and branches of trade like RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden), SLU (the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences), Vinnova (a Swedish government agency that administers state funding for research and development), Chalmers Institute of Technology and Agroväst (a development company for sustainable farming) among others.


Education for the future
We educate young people and adults in a number of areas important for the green industries in farming, agriculture, forestry, animal care and horticulture.

Our schools provide unique possibilities to test new methods and technologies, new crops and new ways of working. They make it possible to learn more about animals, natural habitats and educational methods. Our experimental environments are also accessible for external organizations.

New Techniques
We strive to be a model of rural development by testing and implementing new technologies and methods. All our schools have a center for simulation-based education, were students can learn how to handle a machine, a vehicle or even how to ride a horse by using advanced simulation methods. We are also part of a project were we test, develop and improve new technologies to make them more freely available on the market.

Sustainable Food Supply
In order to create sustainable ways of producing and delivering food we run projects both in developing new protein crops, creating smarter livestock farmers and studying the journey made by food from farm to fork.

International Work
By learning from others in our fields of expertise, we can improve both working methods and ways of learning. We are a part of several EU projects where we together with other regions develop new techniques, new educational methods and smarter food chains.

Climate and Energy Supply
The future in agriculture and forestry requires more climate friendly techniques, approaches and solutions. We meet the challenge by developing smarter ways of using electricity, testing new energy sources, implementing small-scale biogas plants and by providing test environments were new climate smart solutions can be tested.

Paula Bäckman

Head of centre of competence
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