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From solar electricity to user with minimal possible loss


To create new possibilities for climate smart energy solutions we are now testing the possibility to use direct current from self-produced energy. The project is run in cooperation with the research institution RISE.

Previously has our work on energy been about mapping and tracing energy consumption to investigate how it can become more economical and environmentally friendly. Now we take the knowledge one step further and attempt to create self-produced electricity and direct current.

Thus, we have installed solar panels on the roofs of the barns at Sötåsen agricultural college and with the help of these, tested the possibility to use direct current to power the lighting of the facility. The traditional way is to use alternating current, since it is that type of current bought from the electricity grid and that most electronic devices are adapted for. However, since solar panels generates direct current there is a possibility to make savings by not converting the electricity and thus avoid loss/waste that occurs during that process. This means that electricity from the solar panels can be used with minimal loss and later be converted to alternating current when needed.

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