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Innovations for sustainable crop cultivation


In order for us to be able to work more sustainable with crop cultivation more methods and techniques have to be made available on the market and reach the user.

 Therefore, we are working with testing, developing and improving the new products and innovations being developed. In that way, new technology can more easily reach the market and start being used by small and large companies in the industry. The project therefore consists of two parts - partly to test and develop new products but also to improve the way in which they spread.

The aim of these new techniques is to better be able to contribute to, for example, more effective weed control, new methods to collect data on soil and plants and tools to trace and follow up on nutrients. Long term we hope this will generate strengthened competitiveness among agricultural technology companies increased productivity, profitability and sustainability within agriculture and a better working environment for the farmer.

Our mission in this project is primarily to implement simulation technology and drone technology within the agricultural educations.

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