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Peat Valley+ - Repositioning education in the region


Modern schools today need to offer both high level research and education, act as social innovators and have a keen ear on the needs of the labour market. For this to be successful a close collaboration with businesses, industries and the public sector is required. Therefore, we take part in the European union-project Peat Valley+, which aims to strengthen the cooperation between educational institutions, industry and the public sector.

The project also has the intention of creating more shorter grocery chains, promote the use of locally produced food and form a stronger connection between city and countryside. The aim of the project is, among other things, more regional grocery chains, a larger understanding of what is needed to cater for the needs of consumers and a more dynamic food industry with a stronger network.

As a part of this project, our students at the Biological vocational university have taken part in exchanges with Dutch students to learn from each other’s methods of working. They have also followed the process of an elected raw product all the way from seed to table to investigate how a grocery chain can look and how it can be improved.

The project is carried out in collaboration with Skövde University and is a Swedish contribution to the EU-project Peat Valley+. The Swedish pilot project collaborates with similar attempts in Belgium and the Netherlands. The cooperation gives increasing possibilities for competence provision and method development.


Stichting AOC Terra (Nederländerna)

Hanzehogeschool Groningen Stichting (Nederländerna)

Gebiedscooperatie Westerkwartier (Nederländerna)

Katholieke Hogeschool Vives Zuid (Beligen)

Högskolan i Skövde, Avdelningen för pedagogik, socialpsykologi och språk (Sverige)

Västra götalandsregionen, Naturbruksförvaltningen (Sverige)

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