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REFRAME – Towards a regional food frame

Korta livsmedelskedjor

To help consumers and producers to find each other we are working on a project where we identify and build places where they can fin each other.

Today it is easy for large cooperatives to emerge as producers, and this leads to small business owners and Swedish countryside being challenged. To meet this and to be able to create more arenas for the smaller businesses we are working on a project that seeks to contribute to a sustainable grocery/food production and a better match between supply and demand on locally produced food. This is one of the projects we are running with the aim of shorter food chains, where we promote the use of locally produced food and thus a stronger connection between city and countryside.

We do this by mapping regional hospitals’ demand for locally produced food and from this create an internal trade between Sötåsen agricultural school and one of the regional hospitals. We also develop Sötåsen to a learning centre for shorter grocery chains, a place of inspiration and examples of how trade between a smaller producer and a larger consumer might look. In addition, the project is expected to lead to an increased commitment to locally produced groceries from politicians and companies. Together these parts are expected to lead to a sustainable food production and a stronger connection between city and countryside.

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