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Self-produced and heat-treated protein feed


The need for self-produced protein feed is growing ever more, and to meet this demand we have begun producing our own protein feed for our dairy cows.

The feed consists of fava beans cultured right outside the door, which is then heat-treated in a broiler/grill on the farm. Everything is carried out at Sötåsen agricultural college. The schools have cultivated ecological fava beans for many years and today has 20 hectares of cultivation (approx. 50 acres). An amount that means the farm can supply their cows with their own feed. Dairy cows get approximately three kilos of roasted beans per day per cow, both in feed mix and concentrated fodder stations.

There are plenty of advantages in producing your own protein feed. One of the being the environmental gain that the feed becomes locally produced and thus less fossil dependent through shorter transportation distances. Another one is the increased profitability in milk production and stronger competitiveness for milk producers. 


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