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Small scale upgrade of biogas


Biogas is one of the more environmental friendly energy sources of today and something we can upgrade to vehicle gas is the manure gas produced by cows.

Today there is no cost-effective way to upgrade this type of biogas to a cleaner/more pure form of vehicle gas, therefore, we have together with our collaboration partners created a test bed to investigate how such an upgrade could be made. One of the main reasons for the project is to demonstrate a system that produces upgraded biogas with two different qualities and that that separates ammonia in the process of upgrading biogas. The other main goal of the project is to increase knowledge on small-scale use of upgraded biogas among farmers, consultants, advisors and technology providers.

At Sötåsen agricultural college there is a test and demonstrations facility and during spring 2017 we were able to upgrade the biogas to such a high methane level that it is approved. Our hopes is that this project will generate an increased establishment of smaller biogas facilities, which in turn leads to a smaller environmental impact. 

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Henrik Olsson 

Stiftelsen Lantbruksforskning (SLF)

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