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SOLMACC - environmental friendly agriculture


Imagine an agriculture with an effective cycle of nourishment on the farm, optimized crop sequences and low cultivation. In addition, imagine an agriculture that uses the natural properties of trees and bushes to add nutrition to the soil in the fields, to shield and protect against dehydration and erosion.

To promote such an environmental friendly agriculture, we at Sötåsen agricultural college are participating in a project where we test new climate-smart methods which contribute to less greenhouse gas emissions. Based on the fact that we get to try the climate-smart agriculture we also work with spreading awareness of how the methods can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We demonstrate how farms with climate-smart actions are less vulnerable to climate effects and may benefit from the implementation of the innovative methods tested.

All of this is a part of a project called SOLMACC and means twelve farms, of which Sötåsen is one, in different countries test the new climate-smart methods.

For more information about the project as a whole - visit the project’s official site:

Partner & Finansiär

SOLMACC är ett internationellt projekt där 12 ekologiska gårdar från Sverige, Tyskland och Italien deltar.

SOLMACC is supported by the LIFE programme (agreement number: LIFE12 ENV/SE/000800)

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