Antenatal Clinic (Barnmorskemottagning)

Två kvinnor sitter i gräset och tittar leende på varandra. Det finns träd i omgivningen.

We are there for you during those key moments in life

Becoming a parent can be one of the biggest events in your life. At the antenatal clinic, you receive care during and after pregnancy, as well as support to help you prepare for life as a parent.

We can provide advice on which contraceptive is best for you, and you can take a test for sexually-transmitted diseases. You can also take the all-important smear test (cervical screening test).

The women’s health clinic offers the following:

  • Care during and after pregnancy
  • Support in your role as a parent
  • Contraception advice
  • Smear test (cervical screening test)
  • An ultrasound examination and other foetal diagnosis procedures
  • Test for sexually-transmitted diseases
  • Information about termination of pregnancy

All appointments are free of charge.

The women’s health clinic has both midwives and doctors. There are also psychologists linked to the clinic.

Are you pregnant?

The clinic would like to meet you as early as possible. The aim is for you and your partner, if you are in a relationship, to receive the best care possible during your pregnancy and when giving birth, and to benefit from our vast experience. The clinic can help you in the build-up to the changes you are about to face.

Our midwives take care of you during and after pregnancy. They can also arrange for you to see a doctor or a psychologist if necessary. The clinics work with all the child welfare centres and maternity units. If you are particularly worried about giving birth, you can receive special support.

The clinics can provide you with information about foetal diagnosis, which is a collective term for medical examinations of the foetus. All foetal diagnoses are voluntary.


The contraceptive that is best for you depends on your situation, age, lifestyle and health status. Together we can find the alternative that is best for you.

Test for sexually transmitted diseases

If you are worried that you have been infected or if you are experiencing problems, you can test for chlamydia and other sexually transmitted diseases at your women’s health clinic.

Smear tests save lives!

You can take a cervical screening test, also known as a smear test, at the women’s health clinic. If you undergo a smear test on a regular basis, cell changes can be detected and treated before they develop into cancer.

If you are aged 23-60, you will receive regular appointments for a smear test. If you have missed a smear test, you can contact the women’s health clinic yourself to arrange a test. You can change the time of your appointment or choose the clinic that suits suit you best, either by contacting us or using the service below. Log in using the code you received in your appointment letter.

Even if you have been vaccinated against HPV, you will still need to provide a cell sample when you attend your appointment.

It is important to have a smear test regardless of who you have sex with.

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