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Promoting new solutions for tomorrow's healthcare

The Innovation Platform is a bridge between healthcare, academia and the Life Science industry.

Innovation across the healthcare system is important, and will be central to securing transformation and improved patient outcomes. Creating the conditions for collaborative approaches to innovation will be key. Based on mutual needs, we link clinicians with suitable research partners and industry  enabling relevant parties to work together. 

Services throughout the innovation process

The Innovation Platform offers services throughout the entire innovation process. Companies in the Life Science sector, as well as researchers, are welcome to get in contact with us. Some of our services include: 

  • Needs study/assessment
  • Concept testing and product validation
    to capture important user insights
  • Project coordination and resource monitoring
  • Tests and simulation in clinical environments

Contact us

Please enter your request in our form and we will contact you within 10 days. If you have any questions, please email

Part of the public healthcare sector 

The Innovation Platform is part of the publicly-funded healthcare services in Region Västra Götaland. Any resources required during assignments are to be reimbursed according to cost price. 

Updated: 2021-09-09 11:13