About Region Västra Götaland

Region Västra Götaland’s assignment is to contribute to a thriving Västra Götaland which is a good place to live and work. Västra Götaland must be a good place for future generations to grow up in.

Region Västra Götaland is governed by democratically elected politicians and with just over 50,000 employees is one of Sweden’s biggest employers.

It is tasked with offering good healthcare and dental care and providing the prerequisites for good public health, a rich cultural life, a good environment, jobs, research, education and good communications. All together, these provide a foundation for sustainable growth in Västra Götaland.

Together with its 49 municipalities, trade and industry, organisations and academia, Region Västra Götaland drives development with Västra Götaland’s best interests as its objective.

Quick facts

Region Västra Götaland

Region Västra Götaland was formed in 1999 by merging Skaraborg, Älvsborg and Bohus county councils and parts of the City of Göteborg. 

One of Sweden’s popularly elected regions.

Responsible for healthcare and medical treatment.

Responsible for growth and development matters.

Operating costs amount to approx. SEK 40 bn.

Approx. 50,000 employees.

Västra Götaland

Västra Götaland is the name of the geographical territory. 

1.6 million inhabitants.

49 municipalities.

300 km long and 250 km wide.

The largest city is Göteborg (Gothenburg).

The region has the largest port in Scandinavia.

Sweden’s leading region for industry and transportation.

Updated: 2017-03-14 10:53