Governance of Region Västra Götaland

The highest decision-making body in Region Västra Götaland is the Regional Council. Its 149 members are directly elected by the region’s inhabitants every four years. The Regional Council convenes eight times a year in Vänersborg, the main seat of the political organisation.

The Regional Executive Board consists of 15 members, who lead and coordinate Region Västra Götaland’s political activities. There are also committees and boards, for example healthcare committees, hospital and primary healthcare boards, a regional development committee, and environmental and cultural affairs committees.

Most of Region Västra Götaland’s central offices, secretariats and common administrations can be found in its offices, Regionens Hus, in Vänersborg, Göteborg, Skövde, Mariestad, Uddevalla and Borås. The central administration works at the Regional Executive Board’s secretariat. The highest official in Region Västra Götaland is the Chief Executive.

Updated: 2017-03-07 10:55