Our mission

Our mission is to contribute to a rich cultural life in a cohesive Västra Götaland. Culture, the natural heritage and the cultural heritage represent irreplaceable values – both in themselves and as drivers of development, sustainability and health.

The Administration’s activities are governed by the Cultural Development Board on a mandate from the Cultural Affairs Committee. 

For the Cultural Affairs Committee

The Cultural Affairs Committee is Region Västra Götaland’s foremost political body for strategic management of matters related to culture and democracy. The Committee also distributes the funds that the government allocates to the region via the cultural collaboration model.

The Cultural Affairs Committee’s brief is to give the region’s inhabitants access to a democratic cultural life, with good opportunities for creative activities and popular education by

  • initiating and furthering democratic development in society
  • determining the direction and financial conditions, through commissions and support, of the cultural institutions and activities that Region Västra Götaland (VGR) is responsible for or contributes to. These are
    • GöteborgsOperan AB
    • Göteborgs Symfoniker AB
    • Regionteater Väst AB
    • Film i Väst AB
    • The Cultural Development Board (Styrelsen för kulturutveckling)
    • Museums, theatres, institutions of music and art, as well as other regional activities in the area of culture
    • Cultural commissions to the Folk High Schools Board (Styrelsen för folkhögskolor)
  • managing organisational support and operational grants to civil society activities at the regional level in Västra Götaland.
  • distributing organisational grants to adult education districts and sports federation districts, and association support to district organisations.
  • managing the drawing up of goal statements and strategic plans, as well as culture plans, within the Committee’s areas of responsibility.  
  • managing the overall dialogue with civil society at the regional level, with the aim of strengthening cooperation between civil society and VGR.
  • being the driving force for the areas indicated in Västra Götaland’s regional development strategy which falls within the Committee’s area of responsibility.
  • promote research and development within the Committee’s area of responsibility.

For the Cultural Development Board

The Cultural Development Board Administration’s brief is to contribute to a rich cultural life that reaches and engages inhabitants throughout the region by   

  • providing specialist knowledge within the areas of culture and the natural and cultural heritage to support the region’s municipalities, civil society and other stakeholders.
  • contributing support, coordination and implementation of initiatives and activities, in close collaboration with municipalities, civil society and other stakeholders.
  • running museums and other visitor destinations.
  • managing the operation and development of the Tanum World Heritage Site, in collaboration with other principals.
  • managing regional library operations and, together with Västra Götaland’s municipalities, running and developing these operations.
  • being part of the national and regional infrastructure for research and development within our areas of responsibility.
  • being a coordinating partner in development processes based on culture and the natural and cultural heritage.

How the Administration is governed

The mission of the Cultural Development Administration is regulated in the Board’s and the Committee’s respective rules of procedure. These describe the structure and details of the missions.

The regional development strategy is also an important policy document for the Administration. 

VGR’s culture strategy and regional culture plan 2020–2023 describe the region’s initiatives and priorities, as well as how the Cultural Development Administration and other culture stakeholders in the region contribute to them. The strategy is currently being revised for the 2024–2027 period.

The vision entitled Det goda livet (The Good Life) situates the region’s goals for culture and the natural and cultural heritage in a bigger context, including its key role for social sustainability, a cohesive region, individuals’ health and development of the business community.

Rules of Procedure for the Cultural Affairs Committee (in Swedish)
Rules of Procedure for the Cultural Development Board (in Swedish)