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West Coast Sea Week 5-13 of August

About the week

The West Coast Sea Week is a thematic week for the marine environment with activities that engage and attract all ages. The week offers a maximum experience of the sea and at the same time contributes to a greater understanding of how the sea is affected by humans.

During the week, you will learn more about our coastal communities and the importance of the sea for people. You can try different activities, go on excursions, experiment and also help the researchers with so-called citizen research. The West Coast Sea Week offers many opportunities. There are activities along the entire west coast, from Strömstad in the north to Ängelholm in the south.

During the West Coast Sea Week you can:

• Join an excursion on a research ship
• Do you own experiment and citizen science
• Go diving, snorkelling and kayaking
• Discover life below the surface
• Try fishing
• Visit a lighthouse
• Participate in beach cleaning activities
• Meet the sea life of Kattegatt and Skagerrak
• Learn more about birds and plants
•Join guided tours in nature reserves
• Listen to interesting lectures on various marine life topics
...and much more

How does climate change affect the sea, the archipelago and its marine life? What happens when the creatures of the sea seek new places? How is life in the ocean affected?

During the West Coast Sea Week, you get to enjoy the biodiversity of the sea and meet both new and old species. You will get a unique opportunity to experience the sea together with our partners and at the same time increase your knowledge about future challenges and opportunities facing the oceans.

Welcome to the West Coast Sea Week, loaded with fun, exciting and interesting activities!

Over 100 scientists/universities, research institutes, organizations and companies will give you an experience beyond the ordinary and give you a better understanding of how the sea is affected by human activity.



See the entire programme on our Swedish website

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