REsearch group for MUSCuloskeletal health, REMUSC

Research group for Musculoskeletal health, REMUSC
The Research group for Musculoskeletal health includes about twenty interdisciplinary engaged people with different professions, such as physicians, psychologists, physiotherapists, and occupational therapists, whose academic degrees range from master’s degree to professor. The research group is led by associate professor Maria Larsson and associate professor Lena Nordeman.

Current research involves studies on diagnostics and management, preventive measures, treatment and long-term follow-up of acute and persistent musculoskeletal conditions, both specific and general, and migraine.

Members of the research group collaborate regionally, nationally, and internationally with, amongst other, The Virje University, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Curtin University, Perth, Australia, James Cook University, Cairns, Australia, University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia. and Stellenbosch University, Cape Town, South Africa.

Research group leaders

Maria Niklasson Larsson

Associate professor, lic. physioterapist

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Maria’s research focus on musculoskeletal and stress-related disorders in primary care.

This includes research on attitudes towards responsibility for musculoskeletal disorders, instrument development, research on clinical practice guidelines, evaluation of different treatment methods and patients’ experience of treatment.

Maria defended her dissertation "Attitudes of responsibility for musculoskeletal disorders - Instrument development, distribution and association to background factors in a general population, relationship to outcome of physiotherapy treatment and patients’ narrated views" in 2009 and is associate professor in Physiotherapy at the University of Gothenburg since year 2015.






Lena Nordeman

Associate professor, lic. physiotherapist, R&D manager Södra Älvsborg

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More about Lena Nordeman

Lena conducts research within healthcare aiming to improve diagnostics, treatments, and efficiency in health care use. Her main research areas involve patients with musculoskeletal disorders, self-referral, and direct access to physiotherapy in primary care. 

In 2011, she presented her thesis Low back pain and widespread pain in primary health care: Early access to physical therapy, treatment and prognostic factors (GUPEA). 

Her interest in persistent pain has led to the involvement in designing courses and participation in the development of evidence-based guidelines for chronic pain. She has an interest in research in strengthening self-management of pain and disability using eHealth. 

As associate professor and adjunct lecturer at the Physiotherapy program, Department of Health and Rehabilitation, Institute of Neuroscience and Physiology, University of Gothenburg, Lena supervises students in research projects from undergraduate level to PhD level. She also supervises physicians and other healthcare professionals in their scientific work, which provides the opportunity to stimulate inter-professional research projects. Lena is R&D manager at the Research, Education, Development and Innovation centre in primary care Södra Älvsborg.