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Research group for mental health problems behavioural medicine and lifestyle habits

The research group consists of junior and senior researchers with professions such as physicians, nurses, dieticians, and psychologists. Research is ongoing within the fields of mental health, mental illness, behavioral medicine, health psychology, lifestyle habits, primary care psychiatry, reproductive health and paediatrics. The group is led by Sandra Weineland, associate professor, and licensed psychologist with a specialization in psychological interventions.


Profilbild av Sandra Weineland

Sandra Weineland

Associate professor, specialist psychologist
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Sandra Weineland’s research interests are first line psychiatry, behavioural medicine, digital psychology, and implementation. The research is characterised by, among other things, developing treatment models that form the basis for new interventions.

In 2012, Sandra Weineland defended her thesis entitled  A Contextual Behavioral Approach for Obesity Surgery Patients.

Sandra Weineland is associate professor and specialist psychologist in psychological interventions. She is scientific supervisor at R&D primary health care and affiliated to the Department of Psychology at the University of Gothenburg. In parallel to her work at the clinics for obesity, psychiatry and primary care, Sandra Weineland has conducted clinical research. During the last years, Sandra Weineland has developed a digital consulting room within primary care, where research projects take place in the clinical environment.

Besides research and education, she has dedicated time to sharing psychological knowledge through writing books for therapists and patients and participating in research councils within Region Västra Götaland.



Updated: 2021-03-01 11:46