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Agneta Lindegård Andersson

Agneta Lindegård Andersson

Associate professor

Tel: +46 31-342 07 21
Mobile: +46 707-462029

Research areas

Until 2007, my research was focused on ergonomics with a special focus on the importance of working technique for the onset of musculoskeletal pain in conjunction with intensive computer work. This part of my research is summarized in my thesis "Working technique during computer work - Associations with biomechanical and psychosocial strain and upper extremity musculoskeletal symptoms". From 2008 and onwards, my research area has been expanded to the psychosocial area and the focus today is on clinically oriented research on stress-related ill health in general. My main interest areas are clinical studies focusing on the effects of physical activity on different health outcomes in patients with stress-related disorders in general and exhaustion disorder in particular. Moreover, work ability, sick-leave and return to work in the same patient category. Many of these studies are carried out in the primary care sector.

In recent years, my research has been increasingly focused on studying the results of various interventions, ranging from ergonomic to organizational interventions primarily in different healthcare settings. Furthermore, the municipal challenge with an aging population in combination with lack of competence in the welfare sector have recently become a new interest area for my research. I have just finished my contribution to a multicenter project within various healthcare organizations where we studies if a better collaboration between different actors, primarily first line managers and their HR partners) could change the organizational preconditions for retaining the older workforce for as long as possible (Project Workforce). I am also one of the senior researchers in an ongoing interactive research project evaluating the effects on health, productivity and wellbeing, when working in  activity based office environments compared to more traditional office environments.

Ongoing Projects

At the moment I am involved in an intervention study targeting elderly workers in health care organization. The aim of this study is to retain older workers longer, by means of organizational changes, that facilitate and motivate older workers to prolong their working life in this kind of complex organizations.


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