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Agneta Andersson, Associate Professor

Anette Johansson, Secretary

Anja Beno, Research Assistant

Anne-Marie Hultberg, Senior Developer Health Promotion

Caroline Hansson, Senior Developer Stress Biology

Emina Hadzibajramovic, PhD, Statistician

Eva Sahlin, PhD

Fredrik Bååthe, PhD

Gunnar Ahlborg, MD, PhD

Ingibjörg Jonsdottir, Director, Professor

Jonathan Severin, Research Assistant

Karin Nygren, Research Nurse

Karin Pokorny, MD, Research Assistant

Kristina Glise, MD, PhD

Lilian Wiegner MD

Linda Corin, PhD, Senior Developer Organizational Work

Lisa Björk, PhD, Senior Developer Organizational Work

Magnus Åkerström, MD, Senior Developer

Maral Babapour Chafi, Research Coordinator

Marica Heimdahl, Senior Developer, Health Promotion

Sandra Pettersson, Research Assistant

Susanne Ellbin, Psychologist

Turid Oom, Public Relations Specialist

Updated: 2022-05-25 12:05