Healthy workplace

Our research in this area primarily concerns organizational and social work environment in the public sector, but also features elements of physical work environment.

Our survey study KART on the relationships between work environment, stress and health in the healthcare sector conduced over a six years period, has resulted in several papers describing both preventive but also contributing factors for stress-related mental health and sick-leave among health care workers. One of many interesting results is the paper showing that balanced work attendance was associated with sustained health and performance while sickness attendance was associated with poor health, burnout, sick-leave and decreased performance.

Click here for a list of our publication from the KART survey study

An example of our ongoing projects is the research program exploring the prerequisites for strategic collaboration between occupational healthcare, managers and Human resources with regard to enabling healthy organizational work environment (Read more about FHV Nysam).

Another example of an ongoing study is the Workforce project studying underlying factors for sustainable employability for older workers.

The results from our research in this areas are of interest for management teams, HR staff, unions, politicians and various professional within the public sector. Many of our project are in line and supporting the new organizational and social work environment (AFS 2015:4) provisions recently published by the Swedish work environmental authority. The provisions about organizational and social work environment, regulate knowledge requirements, goals, workloads, working hours and victimization.

Organisational and social work environment (AFS 2015:4Eng)