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Fredrik Bååthe

PhD in Medical sciences

Phone: +46 31-342 07 20

Research areas

  • How societal changes interacts with physicians’ professional identity
  • Physicians’ professional fulfillment and how it relate to engagement in improvement work and quality of care 
  • Sustainable change, adult learning and development, experiential learning models
  • Theoretical inspiration: Pragmatism, complex responsive processes theory, uncertainty as the only certain, qualitative studies and transdisciplinary research
  • Methodologically interested in ensuring research matters for practitioners as well as for academics

Ongoing Projects

Project leader for the IDOQ-study, based at The Institute for Studies of the Medical Profession, Oslo, Norway. This project relates to the term quadruple aim as outlined by Bodenheimer and Sinsky (2014), and explores the, seemingly self-evident but surprisingly overlooked, position that «care for the patients, requires care for the providers». We explore the Interaction between Doctors´ professional fulfillment, Organizational factors and Quality of care (IDOQ). An interactive study working in collaboration with clinician and management at a local hospital. The method is constructed to create both scientific and clinical progress. The study area is conceptually depicted below. 

Interview with Fredrik Bååthe about the findings in the research about  team-based an person-centred ward rounds. 



Rosta, J., Bååthe, F., Aasland, O. G., & Isaksson Rø, K. (2020).
Changes in work stress among doctors in Norway from 2010 to 2019: a study based on repeated surveys.
BMJ open, 2020

Holmström, P., Hallberg, S., Björk‐Eriksson, T., Lindberg, J., Olsson, C., Bååthe, F., & Davidsen, P.
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Wiley online library, 2020

Bååthe F, Rosta J, Bringedal B, Isaksson Rø
How do doctors experience the interactions among professional fulfillment, organisational factors and quality of patient care?
BMJ Open 2019

Bååthe F, Ahlborg G. Jr., Lagstrom A., Edgren L., Nilsson K  
Uncovering paradoxes from physicians' experiences of patient-centered ward-round 
Leadership in Health Services, 2016

Bååthe F 
Ph.D. Physicians' engagement Qualitative studies exploring physicians' experiences of engaging in improving clinical services and processes, Doctoral thesis (2015)  
Institute of Health and Care Sciences, Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg, Kompendiet, Gothenburg, Sweden. 

Bååthe, F., Norbäck L-E 
Engaging physicians in organisational development work 
Journal of health organization and management, 2013

Bååthe F, Ahlborg G, Lagström A, Edgren L, Nilsson K 
Physician experiences of patientcentered and teambased ward rounding – an interview based case-study 
Journal of Health Administration, 2014

Lindgren, Å., Bååthe F., Dellve L Why risk professional fulfilment: a grounded theory of physician engagement in healthcare development The International journal of health planning and management, 2012

Other Publications

Nilsson, K., Bååthe, F., Andersson, A. E., Wikström, E., & Sandoff, M. Experiences from implementing value-based healthcare at a Swedish University Hospital–a longitudinal interview study. 
BMC Health Services Research (2017).

Nilsson, K., Bååthe, F., Erichsen Andersson, A., & Sandoff, M.  The need to succeed – learning experiences resulting from the implementation of value-based healthcare. Leadership in health services - accepted for publication (2017).

Nilsson, K., Bååthe, F., Erichsen Andersson, A., & Sandoff, M.  Value-based Healthcare as a Trigger for Improvement Initiatives. Accepted for publication in Leadership in health service 2017-02-21.(2017).

Bååthe, F Research presentation, ICPH (Int Conf Physician Health), Boston USA, “Striving for professional fulfillment - exploring physicians’ experience of engagement” 19 sept 2016,

Andersson, A. E., Bååthe, F., Wikström, E., & Nilsson, K.  Understanding value-based healthcare–an interview study with project team members at a Swedish university hospital. 
Journal of Hospital Administration (2015).

Larsson, A., Johansson, M., Bååthe, F., & Neselius, S.  Reducing throughput time in a service organisation by introducing cross-functional teams. Production Planning & Control. (2012).

Dellve, L., Lindgren, Å., & Bååthe, F. Health care Professionals Motivation and Engagement in Health Care Development. 
Nordic Ergonomics Society, Saltsjöbaden, Sweden. (2012).

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