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Jonathan Severin

Person som sitter ner

PhD student, Public health science with health economics

Phone: +46-730 67 43 78

Research areas

My research area is health economics within occupational health and safety. As a challenging work environment can lead to work-related stress, which in turn is negative for the public health, it is important to increase the knowledge on how workplace interventions can prevent ill-health and promote the work environment. Meanwhile, monetary resources are scarce, making it necessary for decision-makers to prioritise interventions that are effective and use resources where they are most needed. Through my research, I want to provide increased knowledge about cost-effectiveness for these interventions.

Ongoing projects

I am involved in a research project with the aim to increase knowledge about effective and sustainable work environment management. In the project, a workplace intervention in the public sector is evaluated, where my part includes evaluating the implementation process, effects such as sickness absence, working conditions and cost-effectiveness.


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Akerstrom M, Corin L, Severin J, Jonsdottir I.H. Björk L
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Åkerström M, Severin J
Organisatoriska problem löses inte med hjälp av individåtgärder. En analys av åtgärder för att förbättra arbetsmiljön och sänka sjukfrånvaron i en svensk region.
Socialmedicinsk Tidskrift, 2020

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