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The Natural Resources program is for you who appreciate new technology, want to mix theory and practice, and want to make lifelong memories during your high school years.

Svenljunga Natural Resource high school offers courses in Forestry and Nature Tourism. Studying forestry, you can specialize in one of the different career fields, such as Forestry, On-site service technician, Forestry machine/excavator operation, Hunting, Wildlife management, or Forwarder driving. If you focus on Nature Tourism, you will gain valuable skills in both leadership and outdoor recreational activities.

To study at this school, you do not need to have any prior knowledge. Our educations equip you with everything you need to know in order to feel confident in your future professional role. After graduation, you are ready to start working immediately, have the opportunity to establish your own company or continue your education at the university. Digital technology along with modern forestry equipment and simulators means that you get a first-class education that matches the needs of the labor market.

Basic eligibility for university studies, 2800 points, is included in the Natural Resources program. However, students who do not want to study further at the university can opt out of these courses and then study for 2500 points. You can make the choice after you start school.

 Student wearing protective clothing holds a chainsaw over her shoulder


Do you want to take advantage of nature and work in the forest?

 Red forest machine and workers in forest

Forest Machine Driver

Do you want to work in the forest with advanced technology and contribute to Sweden's economy?