APL – Work-based Learning

In every Natural Resource program, students have at least 15 weeks of work-based learning (APL) which provides them with an opportunity to work alongside professionals in their field, learn from them, and gain hands-on experience for their future professional roles.

Through the APL weeks, they get exposure to different workplaces, which can help them decide which area they would like to specialize in after graduation.

The APL weeks are divided into three distinct periods during the first, second, and third years. The APL is a fantastic way to network and meet people who work in the fields connected to what students want to do in the future. After graduation, several of our graduates get hired at their former APL locations!

Students can also complete a part of their APL in another country. We participate in the Erasmus+ Program, which may allow students to acquire industry experience in other countries. We are now collaborating with APL hosts in Germany, among other countries.