Hunting and Wildlife Management

 Hunting student with protective clothing and hearing protection stands with a rifle slung over her shoulder

The Hunting and Wildlife Management program is a comprehensive education that covers all aspects including preparing fodder, shelter, and water for the wildlife, hunting methods, and wildlife management. The program also offers training for hunting guides and wildlife researchers, as well as ATV driving training.

Having access to state-of-the-art wildlife management facilities and the opportunity to study and learn about hunting and wildlife conservation both in Sweden and abroad is a great advantage for students. The program's focus on hands-on experience and learning the entire wildlife conservation and management chain is commendable.

Moreover, the fact that the program provides basic competence in forestry and forwarder driving adds value to this education and enhances employment opportunities for graduates in the forestry industry.

The program is a great choice for students interested in a career in hunting and wildlife management, as it provides a well-rounded education with plenty of practical experience and opportunities for further education and employment.