Forestry Field Service Technician/ Excavator Operator

Forestry excavator with a student who is on her way into the cab

This interesting and valuable program combines practical skills with technological knowledge. The emphasis is on problem-solving and adaptability, which are important qualities in any field.

Learning how to repair, construct, and manufacture parts on the go is a valuable skill for those who work in remote locations where a complete workshop is not always available. Additionally, the skills you learn in driving an excavator, building forest roads, preparing the land, and conserving water can be applied in a variety of industries and contexts, making you a versatile and valuable employee.

The inclusion of basic welding knowledge and the opportunity to obtain a Hot Work certificate (Heta Arbeten) further enhances the skill set you will acquire in the program, as welding is a crucial component in many repair and manufacturing tasks. The program is a practical and well-rounded education that can lead to many career opportunities in the On-site repair and Forestry industry.