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Region Västra Götaland is tasked with bringing stakeholders together in a concerted effort to achieve environmentally-driven growth and development in the region.

We aim to contribute to environmentally sustainable progress in Västra Götaland alongside other important stakeholders such as municipalities, the county administrative board, other public authorities, the business community and organisations. Improved resource efficiency, a reduced climate footprint and sustainable consumption are all priority areas in this context.

Region Västra Götaland – what we do to help protect the environment

  • Provide support for joint environment development projects and initiatives conducted by a wide-ranging group of community stakeholders from within academia, the business world and the voluntary and public sectors.
  • Manage the collaborative environmental project Climate 2030 – Västra Götaland in Transition, together with the Västra Götaland County Administrative Board.
  • Provide goals and guidance for all work carried out within our own organisation to be health promoting and environmentally sustainable, following the Region Västra Götaland`s  Environmental Programme.
    Environmental Programme 2017-2020. Full version
    Environmental Programme 2017-2020. Short version
  • Impose strict environmental requirements on suppliers when procuring goods and services within our own operations as well as compensate for our climate footprint in order to create economic incentive for offering business travel that is more climate-smart.

Ambitious climate targets

Västra Götaland has set one of Sweden’s most ambitious regional climate targets: we aim to become a fossil fuel-independent region by 2030. In practical terms, this involves reducing regional greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent from 1990 levels by the target date.

What’s more, it is intended that emissions of greenhouse gases caused by west-Swedish residents’ consumption should fall by 30 percent compared with 2010, regardless of where in the world these emissions occur.

We also have ambitious environmental goals within our own organisation that will contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Our goals for 2020 are as follows:

  • Passenger and goods transports will be fossil energy and fuel-independent; the equivalent of an 80-percent reduction compared with 2006 levels
  • Our nitrous oxide emissions will be reduced by 75 percent compared with 2009
  • The climate footprint caused by our purchase of foodstuffs will be reduced.

Climate 2030 – Västra Götaland in transition

Climate 2030 is a joint project run by Region Västra Götaland and the Västra Götaland County Administrative Board in cooperation with a large contingent of other stakeholders. The initiative gives local businesses, organisations and others the opportunity to accede to the Climate 2030 strategy and to give their formal support to our common regional climate targets.

Klimat 2030 - Climate strategy - Västra Götaland in transition

Gustaf Zettergren

Head of Environment
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