Public Health

Region Västra Götaland’s work concerning public health is based on the national public health objective (as specified in Sweden’s public health policy) of creating the social preconditions for good health for the entire population on equal terms – a public health policy based on the WHO’s European health policy framework, Health 2020. Health 2020 provides guidance on how to address current and future health-related challenges and focuses on improved equity in health as an important indicator of social sustainability.

Public health initiatives are intended to regulate health either in specific sections of the population or the population as a whole and include efforts to promote health and prevent illness. The large number of health determinants that exist mean that it is not only those responsible for the traditional healthcare sector who must work to promote health equity. Instead, all decision-makers should take health effects into consideration in relation to their respective policy areas.

Our Spheres of Activity

Increased Labour Participation

Our vision is for all youths to have the opportunity to participate in the community by establishing themselves in the labour market. The current trend whereby youths who lack support from their home environments end up alienated from society must be halted.

Mental Health & Suicide Prevention

Good mental health is a prerequisite for achieving a good quality of life and a functional daily routine. Important measures for realising progress in the field include improving knowledge about mental health and mental illness, working to prevent domestic violence and intensifying suicide-prevention efforts.

Maintaining Quality of Life while Ageing

It is important for elderly people’s health that they participate in social forums, feel safe in public environments and live a healthy lifestyle. Our efforts in this respect focus on helping more groups of elderly people become involved in the community and on utilising the resources they have to offer.

Sound, Secure Upbringing for Children & Youths

Region Västra Götaland organises various collaborations and projects to help ensure that children and youths living in the region will have a healthy environment in which to grow and develop. We work within different forums to help achieve this aim, including family centres, preschools, schools and youth guidance centres.

Healthy Lifestyle Choices

We aim to collaborate with local stakeholders who can help promote healthy lifestyle choices among our residents, especially children and their families. Our collaborators in this initiative include the children’s public healthcare service, the Swedish Public Dental Service, sports clubs and grocery retailers.

Learning Centre for Migration & Health

Twenty percent of Västra Götaland’s residents are migrants from other countries. The Learning Centre for Migration & Health aims to 1) contribute to an improved understanding of migration-related issues, 2) act as a knowledge hub and 3) be characterised by an approach based on intercultural dialogue, with the aim of achieving healthcare for migrants on terms equal to those of native residents.  

International Work

As part of our regional development efforts, Region Västra Götaland participates in national and international networks. These include EuroHealthNet, European Regions Enforcing Actions against Suicide, European Regions for Youth, the WHO European Healthy Cities Network and the WHO Regions for Health Network.

Reduced School Failures

The Reducing School Failures project represents a concerted effort to help the region’s school pupils graduate from compulsory education with passing grades. Read more about the project here.

Learning center migration and health

Twenty percent of Västra Götaland’s residents are migrants from other countries. Read more about how Region Västra Götaland works to satisfy the needs of all its residents.