Seeking care

When you require care, we can help you more quickly if you go directly to the right place in the care system. You can read about where you should go or what you should do in different situations.

In an emergency – call 112

In the case of a life-threatening condition, always call 112. The number is the same in all EU countries.

If you have gone into labour

If you have gone into labour, call the Labour Ward on 0500-43 14 40.

Care and advice – daytime

If you require care and advice during the day, you can either call 1177 or your health centre.

Care and advice – evenings and weekends

If you require care and advice during the evenings and at weekends, you should first call 1177. You can also contact your out-of-hours clinic.

Specialist care at the hospital

To receive specialist care at the hospital, we need certain medical documentation. In most cases we receive this in the form of a referral from another care provider, or when you make a self-referral.

You can reach Skaraborg Hospital by calling the switchboard on 0500-43 10 00.