Development and career

Region Västra Götaland offers you a good opportunity for both professional and personal development. If continuing professional development is something that will benefit both you and your workplace, the employer will pay you a regular monthly salary throughout the whole of the training period.

Free outpatient healthcare

As an employee, you are entitled to free outpatient healthcare. This includes visits to a doctor or district nurse, as well as outpatient healthcare treatment throughout the whole country.

Wellness grant

All Region Västra Götaland workplaces offer some form of wellness grant. This means that as an employee you have access to wellness amenities at a discounted rate.


Through a collective agreement you have expanded holiday entitlement as an employee with Region Västra Götaland.

Salary sacrifice in respect of an occupational pension

At Region Västra Götaland you have the possibility of augmenting your future occupational pension by means of a deduction from your salary.

Travel allowance and daily allowance

If you travel for business purposes, Region Västra Götaland pays you a travel allowance. If your work requires that you spend several days away, you are also entitled to a daily allowance.

Eye test and work glasses

If you work for more than an hour a day at a computer screen, you are entitled to a free eye test. If the test reveals that you need working glasses, known as computer glasses, Region Västra Götaland will also cover the cost.

Other workplace benefits

In addition to the general benefits that you have as an employee with Region Västra Götaland, your workplace could also have specific benefits, such as:

  • Work clothes and tools
  • Help to stop smoking
  • Access to your local gym as well as local discounts and at other facilities