Caroline Hansson

Caroline Hansson

PhD, Senior developer stress biology

Tel: +46 31-342 07 00

Research area

Biological mechanisms of stress and exhaustion disorder.

I’m involved in several studies concerning different aspects of stress and exhaustion disorder. In one study we measure plasma levels of brain injury markers to investigate the hypothesis that patients with exhaustion disorder suffer from a brain injury. In another study we aim to understand more about the biological mechanisms in exhaustion disorder by measuring plasma levels of a number of different proteins. We also study if there is an association between biological factors and specific symptoms, such as cognitive problems. Furthermore, we investigate risk factors for long lasting residual symptoms of exhaustion disorder.


I teach stress physiology at the Health Promotion Programme at University of Gothenburg. I have also been teaching at the Pharmacy Programme, the Programme in Medicine, and the Biomedical Laboratory Science Programme at University of Gothenburg.


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