Lisa Björk

Kvinna står i skogen

Associate professor, Senior developer Organizational work environment

Phone: +46 31-342 07 23

Research areas

Managers are responsible for organizing work and distributing work tasks among the staff - but how do the managers' working conditions relate to the employees' work environment, and to the effectiveness and quality of services? How does public governance affect to the way work is organized in the public sector, in hospitals, schools and eldercare facilities? And how is gender associated to the organization of work? These are examples of issues that interest me as a researcher. In my work I have been given the opportunity to conduct research in a close collaboration with actual workplaces.

Ongoing Projects

Currently, I am the project leader of the PRIMA, focusing on how primary care can involve the employer in supporting patients with stress-related mental disorders back to work. I participate in several  other projects dealing within different research topics; e.g the work environment and health of beginning teachers; age management in health care services; and the polarization of work environmental risks on the Swedish labour market.  The driving force of all I do is that the research I am involved in may be of benefit to employees and managers in the public sector.


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