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Activities and organisation

Both emergency and planned care and treatment are delivered at Kungälv Hospital. The care is focused on adults, except within psychiatry where activities also serve children and young people.

The hospital has seven clinical departments with different specialist areas:

Accident & Emergency

Patients requiring emergency care are received at the A&E department. This unit is open around the clock.

Anaesthetics and Intensive Care

This unit includes anaesthetics, operation, intensive care and ambulance services. The intensive care unit receives patients with acute, life-threatening conditions requiring, for example, a respirator.

Geriatrics and Rehabilitation

The department delivers acute care and rehabilitation for patients with e.g. stroke and hip fractures and elderly patients with acute illness.

General & Orthopaedic Surgery

This department investigates and treats surgical, urological and orthopaedic conditions.

Diagnostics and Service

At this department X-ray examinations, ultrasound, CAT scans and examinations with MRI are performed. The department is also responsible for taking and analysing samples as well as managing blood donors.

Clinical Medicine

The department handles patients with e.g. diabetes, acute coronary conditions and asthma.

Psychiatric Clinic

Psychiatric treatment covers acute psychiatric care, neuropsychiatry, psychosis, addiction psychiatry as well as child and youth psychiatry.

Administrative departments

The hospital also has administrative departments responsible for hospital-wide issues related to finance, human resources, information systems, development, publicity and health promotion activities.

Updated: 2017-03-30 08:38