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Services at the Hospital

The hospital complex includes a café, pharmacy, library and more.

Café & Restaurant

The hospital café lies directly adjacent to the hospital’s main entrance. It offers light meals, sandwiches, cakes/biscuits and drinks. The hospital complex also includes a lunch restaurant.


There is a pharmacy in the hospital’s main entrance hall where you can have prescriptions filled and buy over-the-counter medication. The pharmacy is open on weekdays, 9 AM–6 PM.

Hospital Library

The hospital library is open to both patients and hospital staff. Its collection includes both fiction and non-fiction works, magazines and audiobooks. You can either borrow items or read them in the library. The library also provides access to a computer for use in locating information. Library staff also visit the nursing wards with a book cart as a personal service to patients.

Serenity Room (Stilla rum)

Kungälv Hospital provides a “serenity room” that is open to everyone, regardless of religious affiliation. The room is intended as a place for tranquillity and reverence, meditation and solitude. The serenity room is located on the ground floor.

Hospital Church

The hospital church is open to patients, their loved ones and hospital staff. As a rule, the church holds services on Thursdays and Sundays at 3 PM in one of the wards (1–8), or in the serenity room (Stilla rum), as advertised.

The hospital church is there for you:

  • when you feel lonely, troubled or sad,
  • when you want someone to share your thoughts with,
  • when you want to share your joy with someone, or
  • when you need someone to listen.
Updated: 2021-05-25 11:42