Seeking Medical Care

The medical advice service 1177, healthcare centres (vårdcentraler) and hospitals play different roles in ensuring that you receive the best care. When you fall ill, injure yourself, or need advice about your health, you will receive help faster if you contact the right healthcare provider from the start.

Medical Advice Service 1177

Medical advice service 1177 is open 24 hours a day and can be reached by calling 1177. Calls to 1177 are charged at the normal rate for a local call. Experienced nurses will answer your questions about illnesses and health and will refer you on, if needed. The online medical advice service provides information about healthcare, the opportunity to ask anonymous questions and a number of other online services.

Your Local Healthcare Centre (Vårdcentral)

You should first contact your local healthcare centre (vårdcentral) if you fall ill or injure yourself and need to visit a doctor or other medical staff. Some healthcare centres offer “drop-in” consultations that do not require you to make an appointment in advance. Phone numbers and opening hours for healthcare centres located in Region Västra Götaland are available on the website

Seeking Medical Care, Evenings/Weekends/Holidays

Should you fall ill or be injured outside of ordinary working hours, such as during an evening, weekend, or holiday, Region Västra Götaland offers a number of out-of-hours clinics. These clinics can refer you to hospital-based specialists. They can also help you with urgent conditions that cannot wait until your local healthcare centre opens again.

112 – If You Are Seriously Ill

Call the emergency number 112 to request an ambulance in cases of serious accident or very serious illness, such as major bleeding, broken bones, severe breathing difficulties or chest pain.

Hospital Emergency Wards

If you become seriously ill and are unable to visit your local healthcare centre or an out-of-hours clinic, you can visit one of the local hospitals’ emergency wards.

Specialist Care at Hospitals

Documented medical grounds are required to receive specialist care at a hospital. Documentation should preferably take the form of a referral from a doctor. It is also possible to submit a self-referral (egen vårdbegäran or egenremiss). You can do so by filling in the appropriate referral form and sending it to the relevant clinic.

Self-referral (Egen vårdbegäran/Egenremiss)

A self-referral (egen vårdbegäran/egenremiss) is a referral to a specialist clinic that you write yourself. A doctor will assess whether or not you are in need of specialist care.