AntiStress English version

AntiStress Engelsk version

AntiStress a guided exercise in conscious breathing

Here we give you the opportunity of listening to AntiStress audio files, which we believe will serve as a good tool for you to reduce your stress levels. The goal is for you to feel more present in your everyday life, to promote your health and improve your sense of well-being.

How can listening to AntiStress help me?

When we are stressed, we automatically breathe shallower and faster. If we consciously breathe more calmly and deeper, it sends signals to the brain which reduce stress. Try to practise AntiStress every day. Using the method regularly can help to manage thoughts and feelings that might otherwise prevent you from having a sense of well-being. Give yourself time and patience. The AntiStress self-care programme is designed to prevent and reduce stress. AntiStress should be seen as a complement to other care programmes that reduce the amount of stress in your life. If you have serious stress-related problems, it is important that you contact your healthcare centre.

What is in the AntiStress audio file?
The AntiStress file is a 15 minute-long guidance in conscious breathing, inspired by Eastern medicine, and is available in 10 languages. The script is written by Tina Arvidsdotter, who reads the AntiStress guide in Swedish. All AntiStress exercises are guided by women speaking their mother tongue. The music is composed by Bo Savik.

How should I listen to AntiStress?
The file is free to use as many times as you want. It can be downloaded and saved. It is in mp3 format, which works well in smartphones, tablets and computers.