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Comments and complaints can be very important

If you have been through a healthcare situation that you are not happy with, you can pass on your viewpoint or make a complaint. You can do this either as a patient or a close person.

Your opinion or complaint could be of great importance for other patients and for the healthcare system in general. Comments and complaints help to drive developments in healthcare. They could relate to attitudes, accessibility or treatment.

In the first instance, contact the clinic or organisation where you or a close person were given care. You may be able to find out what happened together with the staff there. If you do not wish to contact the clinic directly, you can contact the Patient Advisory Committee instead.

The Patient Advisory Committee can help you put forward your comments or complaint

The Patient Advisory Committee is an impartial group in all regions of Sweden that can help you present your viewpoints or complaint to the clinic or unit in question and will ensure that you receive an answer.

The Patient Advisory Committee does not investigate complaints itself but acts as a link between you and the healthcare unit. The Patient Advisory Committee does not make a medical assessment and does not take a stand on whether the healthcare system acted rightly or wrongly; that is an issue for those with the responsibility for healthcare.

Guidance on your rights in healthcare

The Patient Advisory Committee can give you guidance on your rights in healthcare. You can be anonymous in your contact with the Patient Advisory Committee, which treats all your information confidentially, as does the healthcare system.

The Patient Patient Advisory Committee receives viewpoints and complaints related to state-funded healthcare and dental care, municipal healthcare and school healthcare in Västra Götaland. There are many patient committies in Sweden; contact the committee in the region where you were given healthcare.

Please feel free to contact the Patient Advisory Committee
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